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Premium Chakra Singing Bowls

The bowls in this section are premium quality singing bowls. Each bowl has been hand-selected by us and is a totally unique singing bowl. If you are looking for a bowl in a certain note, you will find it here. Each bowl in this section comes with a leather striker. Singing bowls are very unique, and so a bowl that is the same size as another bowl may not play the same note, nor will it correspond to each chakra. In our premium section, the bowl that is pictured here is the exact bowl you will receive. We only have one of each bowl. We have written the chakra and what each chakra pertains to in your life in the description of each bowl, but for a more complete description, please check out our glossary section.

If you don't see a bowl here that fits your needs, check out our other singing bowl sections, and if there is a certain note or chakra you would like to receive, give us a call and we will be happy to take care of custom orders. For the bowls in this section, we have included youtube videos so you can see and hear sounds of each singing bowl.